Glen Alice

Discover the quaint town of Glen Alice and its surrounding wonders. Located 130 kilometres from Sydney, Glen Alice is situated within Lithgow and the New South Wales rural area. Covering an area of 140 kilometres, the Glen Alice area is surrounded by lush vegetation and is quite close to Wollemi National Park.

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Uncover the natural wonders around Glen Alice — perfect for adventurous explorers

Glen Alice is surrounded by the gift of nature — from National Parks and mountains to rivers, creeks and everything in between. The town sits at the base of Mount Marsden and right next to Glen Davis, an old shale mining town. Those who enjoy hiking will enjoy the massive walls of sandstone in Mount Marsden that overlook Capertee valley, while families can visit various retreat houses and camping sites around the area.

To the west of the town is Capertee National Park, a spectacular spot for birdwatching, walking and camping. The campgrounds sit right next to the Capertee River — a great place to swim and cool down with your friends or family after hiking.

To the northeast of Glen Alice lies the edge of Wollemi National Park, a World Heritage-listed park that offers a range of activities: from scenic walks or drives and wildlife spotting to canoeing and camping.

Given its prime location, Glen Alice is the perfect place for adventurous individuals and families looking to settle into a quiet area surrounded by plenty of activities.

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