Capertee is a quiet town located 2.5 hours away from Sydney and 46 kilometres north of Lithgow. The village is located in Capertee Valley, a place of tremendous natural beauty. If you’re looking to live a quiet and rural lifestyle surrounded by a gorgeous landscape, purchasing real estate in Capertee is easy with Shipman’s Real Estate.

Surround yourself with a stunning landscape in Capertee

Capertee Valley, sometimes called "Australia's Grand Canyon," is a spectacular example of massive geological formations. Akin to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the sandstone cliffs of Capertee Valley drop hundreds of metres and surround the valley beyond the eye can see. As the second-largest canyon in the world, the valley is 30 kilometres wide and 1.6 kilometres deep.

If you’re interested in wildlife, Capertee is home to a wide variety of birds — in fact, it’s one of the best birdwatching locations in the world. The area of Capertee houses at least 19 birdwatching sites, all easily accessible to the public.

Enjoy a quiet outdoor lifestyle in Capertee

Capertee’s outdoor landscape is a great way to appreciate the beauty of the bush. Regardless of fitness level, there are bushwalking tracks in Capertee to suit every individual, from the 20-kilometre Pipeline Track to the more relaxed Capertee Valley Bird Trail. Families can easily opt for a short camping session, while avid hikers can challenge themselves anytime.

Live in peace by investing in real estate in Capertee with Shipman’s Real Estate

Living amongst the serene peace of nature and teeming wildlife of Capertee Valley is an extraordinary experience that only those who live nearby can explore. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or something more permanent, trust Shipman’s Real Estate with all your Capertee real estate needs.

In Capertee, NSW, real estate can be time-consuming to look for. From finding the best location to agreeing on the best price, looking for new real estate can be an energy-depleting task. This is why it’s best left to the experts. Contact us today or check out all our listed properties for sale today and find the best real estate for your needs!